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SheWolffe – a new story

14 Feb

I love helping organisations achieve their hopes, dreams and desires. I do it by focusing on the bottom line and helping you become more financially sustainable. Because when you have more resources at your disposal, you can do more of the good stuff.

In recent years I’ve worked for some pretty awesome organisations: the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and the National Library of Scotland.

And now I want to work for you. I’m a freelance fundraiser and would love to hear from you if your organisation needs some help thinking about how it can be more successful.

I’ve literally only just become freelance, and you’ll probably notice that my website isn’t up and running yet and that this is in fact a blog that I’ve had for a few years. So, while you’re thinking about whether or not you want to get in touch, feel free to have a browse and see if you find something tasty to make for your tea.

Right, I’m off to make sure there’s a way for  you to get in touch with me on this site…

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